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Article: Monitoring Food Packaging

Spring 2016--Printed Electronics Now--Printed electronics, RFID are helping keep our food safer. "Smart labels and tags are allowing retailers to keep a close watch on perishable food items such as meat, dairy and produce as they proceed through the supply chain from the farm to the retailer." Read Full Article

Award: September 30, 2015- PakSense Named Finalist in Idaho Innovation Awards

BOISE —(September 30, 2015)— AutoSense by PakSense has been named a finalist in the 2015 Idaho Innovation Awards in the Commercialized Innovation Award category. The awards presentation will be held during the sixth annual Idaho Technology Council “Hall of Fame” featuring the Idaho Innovation Awards presented by Stoel Rives and Kickstand on Wednesday, October 21, 2015 at Boise Centre.

Award: PakSense at the 2015 Idaho Innovation Awards

November. 2015--PakSense attended the 2015 Idaho Innovation of the Year Award as a finalist for the Commercialized Innovation of the Year Award for AutoSense™ Inbound, the automated cold chain monitoring solution that modernizes food safety and quality practices for perishable goods' supply chain. 

Article: IoT Transforms Cold Chain

September. 2015--Field Technologies Magazine-- PakSense extends its cold chain visibility services through automated, real-time sensor data, featuring PakSenes CTO, Kaz Lawler.

Effective supply chain management relies on end-to-end visibility. That visibility has increasingly been enabled by a combination of wireless communications, bar code and RFID scanning, supply chain management software, and data analytics. In the cold chain, that visibility is even more critical and includes additional data about the temperature of goods in transit. Monitoring the temperature of perishable shipments is an important part of not only maintaining the integrity of the load but also of meeting industry regulations and customer requirements and ensuring consumer safety. Read Full Article