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May 14, 2013 - PakSense Makes GreenSense

SAN DIEGO, California—(May 14th, 2013)— PakSense Inc., an innovator in sensory solutions for packaging, announced today at the United Fresh annual convention all models of PakSense temperature monitoring labels, including Ultra Contact, Ultra Wireless and XpressPDF, can now be recycled through the PakSense GreenSense recycling program.

PakSense GreenSense is a recycling program that facilitates the return of PakSense temperature monitoring labels for proper battery and component recycling. Through the GreenSense program, PakSense provides customers with eco-friendly return boxes and pre-paid postage return labels free of charge. Unlike bulky traditional temperature monitoring devices, customers can fit hundreds of temperature recorders in the provided medium-sized box. PakSense GreenSense takes the hassle out of returning recorders for recycling. The program is fully managed by PakSense staff in partnership with customers.

PakSense Ultra Labels are RoHS compliant which means they are 100% lead free. Compact and environmentally friendly, they take up less space and have a lower carbon footprint than competing devices. They require less energy to ship to customers and less energy to ship back for recycling.

Calavo Growers, the worldwide leader in the procurement and marketing of fresh avocados and other perishable foods, has worked with PakSense to optimize cold-chain shipping processes while reducing the overall net impact on the environment.

"We have been an active participant in the PakSense GreenSense program for more than 5 years," said Mike Browne, Vice President, Fresh Operations at Calavo. "PakSense Labels and the GreenSense program, coupled with numerous other sustainability initiatives, have enabled us to dramatically reduce oxidized carbon dioxide emissions since 2007."

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About PakSense Ultra Labels
About the size of a sugar packet, PakSense Ultra Labels are a new class of temperature recorder. Onboard lights flash if temperature abuse occurs and all data collected by the label can be downloaded and graphed. Labels measure surface temperature and do not require re-calibration to maintain accuracy. PakSense Ultra Labels are available in both contact, wireless, and direct USB to PDF models.

About PakSense
Founded in Boise, Idaho in 2004, PakSense is a market leader in the development of intelligent sensing products specifically designed to monitor perishable goods. PakSense products help manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and retailers determine the quality and safety of food, pharmaceutical, medical and other environmentally sensitive products. More information is available on the web at or by calling +1-208-489-9010.

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