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Article: IoT Transforms Cold Chain

September. 2015--Field Technologies Magazine-- PakSense extends its cold chain visibility services through automated, real-time sensor data, featuring PakSenes CTO, Kaz Lawler.

Effective supply chain management relies on end-to-end visibility. That visibility has increasingly been enabled by a combination of wireless communications, bar code and RFID scanning, supply chain management software, and data analytics. In the cold chain, that visibility is even more critical and includes additional data about the temperature of goods in transit. Monitoring the temperature of perishable shipments is an important part of not only maintaining the integrity of the load but also of meeting industry regulations and customer requirements and ensuring consumer safety. Read Full Article 

Article: Temperature Control: A Critical Food Safety Element

Aug. 2015--Food Safety News-- ‘Consumers are demanding more and varied food items year-round at supermarket and retail delis, bringing a renewed focus to temperature control.’ David Oster, CEO of PakSense

"A critical element of food safety is maintaining proper temperatures from the field to the fork. In practical terms, this means keeping produce cold enough to inhibit pathogen growth or spoilage from the time it leaves the farm or orchard until it’s in the customer’s possessionRead Full Article Here


Article: PakSense See Opportunities for Printed Electronics in Temperature Monitoring for Food and Pharma

July. 2015--Printed Electronics Now-- Market leader, PakSense is collaborating with Thinfilm on printed sensors for the food industry. 

"It’s scary to consider that perishable food and medical items often go through harsh conditions during transit that can damage the products. For example, if a truck’s refrigeration system breaks down while transporting milk or meat, it is possible that the end user wouldn’t know it. The results could be dangerous if a medicine that is temperature sensitive is impacted by improper temperatures." Read More

Article: A Word with David Oster, CEO of PakSense

July. 2015--Idaho Business Review-- ‘The technology has really got a life of its own.’ David Oster, CEO of PakSense

David Oster is the CEO of Paksense, a Boise company that makes temperature sensors that provide food retailers with information about perishable products. Paksense was founded by Tom Jensen, who received his first patents on the technology in 2004. Oster, a Denver native and former health care executive, got his start as a logistics expert in the Army, where he spent 24 years. He invested in Paksense through the Keiretsu Forum in 2007, joined the board that year, and became CEO in 2014. Read More